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British Values

British Values

Promoting British Values

 In 2011, the Government set out its definition of British Values in it’s Prevent Strategy. The DFE have reinforced this by saying “to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all school to promote the fundamental British Value of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

 At Cowick Primary School we take opportunities to actively promote British Values in all we do as defined by the Government as the following:


*The rule of law

*Individual Liberty

*Mutual Respect

*Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

 Actively promoting also means to challenge pupils, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to fundamental British Values. As a school we aim to create a climate where pupils feel safe and secure and which facilitates the children to reach their full potential. At Cowick we believe it is the power of Pupil Voice that plays an integral role in driving the school forward.

 Below are just aspects of school life that enable s our children to get a sense of these fundamental as they move on through their time at school.


 Children have many opportunities for their voices to be heard within school.  We have a number of pupil forums and councils where children are elected to stand for the year, we have our School Council and Church Ambassadors. The children on these forums regularly meet up to discuss issues and events in school, the children then disseminate information to the whole school. They also organise events to fundraise for chosen charities.

 We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that teaches elements democracy, equality, responsibility, moral values, environmental awareness and an understanding of other faiths. The curriculum provides opportunities for debate and deeper thinking. All children are actively encouraged to take part in discussions within their lessons.

 Rule of Law

 The importance of rules/laws at all levels is taught explicitly in PSHCE lessons but is reinforced daily through the daily running of the school driven by our strong Christian ethos. These expectations are consistent from the classroom to break and lunch times. Our positive promotion of these values are explained to children in a manner they understand and this in turn helps to create a high quality learning environment for the children. In school we have a House Points system which praises positive behaviour choices. Children in school are also aware that negative behaviour has to have consequences. We try to encourage children to think about their behaviour and to take responsibilities for their own actions both within school and the wider community. We have regular assemblies with our local PCSO which reinforces the links with following rules/laws within the wider community. Children in Year 6 are also able to take part in Bikeability, ensuring they follow the rules of the road.

 Individual Liberty

 Within school, pupils are actively encouraged to make regular choices, knowing that they are in a secure and safe place. Through PSHCE and discussions within Key Stages, pupils are taught how to make safe choices and are encouraged to exercise their rights and personal freedoms. Children are also encouraged to take on roles in school such as, Play Leaders, House Captains, Vice House Captains, Prefects and Playtime Buddies.

 Children are taught about their rights and the rights of others and are actively encouraged to have respect for others, this is promoted through our daily worships and PSHCE curriculum in school. Children’s special moments are shared within the classrooms and other awards are presented and discussed in whole school worships. This gives the children a sense of self worth and can create self-belief which in turn creates ambitious children who believe in their own capabilities.

 Mutual Respect

 Through our positive Behaviour Policy, which encourages tolerance and mutual respect, pupils learnt that their behaviours have an impact on their own rights and rights of others. Everybody in school treat each other with respect, this is something that is commented as a special quality within our school, and everybody treats each other the way in which they wish to be treated. Empathy, respect and tolerance is the key to our school.

  Children are involved in raising money for those less fortunate thus helping develop respect and supporting their role as active citizens. Children have been involved in raising money for Christian Aid, Farm Africa and Children in Need. These charities have been supported through our close links with Reverend Eleanor and our church.

 Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

 As part of our new East Riding RE curriculum we teach a range of world religions. Assemblies also reflect festivals and stories from a range of cultures and beliefs, children are actively involved in presenting these acts of worship to the whole school. Songs and hymns also reflect a range of cultures. .We have close links to our local church and learn about different aspects of the Christian Faith for example we celebrated Corpus Christi and were lucky enough to be able to borrow artefacts from the local Catholic Church. The whole school have been on visits to Sheffield Cathedral and The Gurdwara at Sheffield. We invite visitors of different faiths into school and plan a visit to The Synagogue in the Spring Term.

We shall remember them.
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