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Cowick C of E Primary School

"Teach a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it" Proverbs 22:6

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Fire Class

Home Learning

Mr Martin, Mrs Heywood and Mrs Tuxworth hope that you are all staying safe at home. Below are timetables which have been devised to help structure the activities (please select your relevant year group). When you open the link, the first timetable is for the different celebrity lessons. The second timetable is split into three daily sessions. Please feel free to use the timetables in which ever way you see fit. There are also videos, games and other daily challenges on our class page.


 Year 5 timetable week 2 - 30.3.20

Year 6 timetable week 2 - 30.3.20

Below the 'new learning online' section, you'll find the daily 'guidance and answers' section. Please use to help support your learning.


New learning online

Free online audio books through Audible

A fantastic resource! Click on the link to download as many free online audio books as you wish. Mr Martin's recommendation: The Jungle Book, Camp Red Moon, 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea, Dragon Planet, Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja. 

'For as long as schools are closed, we're open. Starting today, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Explore the collection, select a title and start listening. It's that easy.'

MFL - French lessons

If you are interested in learning French outside of school, please ask your parents to help you create a free account. You can spend anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes per day on a variety of levels. 

P.E. with Joe Wicks

Join Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, each day at 9am for half an hour.

Music lessons with Myleene Klass

You don't need an instrument to take part. Mondays and Fridays at 10am.

Elevenses with David Walliams

Every day at 11am, you can listen to one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun!

Cartoon drawing

Every Wednesday at 12 o'clock, join Pete McKee on his YouTube channel, where children and adults can learn how to draw in a cartoon style.

Sign language lessons

For those who want to learn a new skill either by yourself or with siblings and parents, below is a link to a channel who are running daily online sign language lessons: 

Maths lessons with Carol Vorderman 

'The Maths Factor FREE for everyone to support children's continued learning at home for the duration of the UK Schools closure period. We want to help you and your child as much as we can.'

Daily challenges

Click on the challenges below:

Cowick '75' creative curriculum - find it on the curriculum page

18 day drawing challenge...

30 days of STEM challenges...

30 day doodle challenge...

Daily writing challenge...


Guidance and answers 

Friday 3.4.20

Well, it’s our final day before the Easter holidays. You’ve all worked very hard and done wonderfully. I hope that you've enjoyed this week's sessions from either timetable.
A special mention to Freddie Noon who has had his eye on Poppy Maule’s IXL score and has answered 1,823 questions so far this week. Fantastic! Very well done, Freddie! 
For the next two weeks there will be no work set by me, but feel free to go on IXL, Espresso Coding, read your books, download audio books, continue with the celebrity lessons or activities with parents. I’ll post on our website in the next couple of weeks. Please stay safe.
Click on the links below to help and guide you through today’s sessions. If you have the time  and the equipment to make the mask, please ensure that you have adult supervision. If not, you can design a mask, using the mask template to help. 


Thursday 2.4.20

Yes! Coding session today! So your aim is to create a computer game which involves a parachuting cow! Can’t wait! These are the details that you will need to log into Espresso Coding:

Username: student23969

Password: coding

Unit 5a: Speed, direction and co-ordinates

Lesson 4: Parachuting cows

You will need an ipad/tablet for this. If you don’t have access to one, please complete lesson 3: Around the world.


For help and guidance for session 1 and 2, please click on the links below.

Session 1: Website links for Sir Francis Drake

Session 1: Information text checklist 

Session 1: Information text example

Session 1: Information text example 2

Session 2: Year 5 Power Maths answers

Session 2: Year 6 Power Maths answers

Wednesday 1.4.20

Well, it looks like you’ve all been busy again trying new things and working through the different sessions. Keep up the hard work everyone - you’re doing brilliantly! Don’t forget that Pete McKee’s art session is today. You can still catch his previous session on his YouTube page. All you need is a pencil or pen and paper.

There’s also other tasks or daily challenges that you can try out on our class page. Again, I’d like to know how everyone has found them. But please remember, only do what you can. If you're struggling, go onto something which you feel more comfortable with. The timetables are there for a guide. 

Please see resources below to help you with session 3. 

Session 3: Science - transporting water and nutrients information sheet

Session 3: Science - transporting water and nutrients activity sheet


Tuesday 31.3.20


It’s great to see you back on IXL this week. Some of you have Poppy Maule’s record in sight. It’s also nice to hear that you’re helping each other out over things such as Skype - great idea!


Reading your comments about weaving the celebrity lessons into your day and learning new things like sign language is brilliant. But, I do wonder whether Myleene Klass’ next lesson will be as loud... Pete McKee’s cartoon drawing, David Walliams’ elevenses and the Audible app are my favourites so far. Has anyone else tried these yet? The French sessions look great too. By the sounds of it, The Body Coach is making you and your parents work hard! Keep it up! Apparently, every penny that he earns through YouTube advertising he is donating to the NHS.


Let me know what kind of things you are enjoying in the comments section on the website.


Below are some resources which you may find useful for today’s learning. Remember to do as much as you can - if you’re struggling, don’t worry or panic, just try something else from the huge list of activities. Or why not just get stuck into a good book, maybe even download a free one, pop your headphones in and enjoy.

If you've misplaced your Sir Francis Drake sheet from your pack from school, don't worry, there's  a link to it below.

Sir Francis Drake task sheet

Session 1: Sir Francis Drake information

Session 1: Sir Francis Drake timeline

Session 1: Video of Sir Francis Drake's journey

Session 1: Letter writing example

Session 2: Year 5 Power Maths answers

Session 2: Year 6 Power Maths answers

Session 3: Portrait of Sir Francis Drake

Session 3: Portrait of Sir Francis Drake (2)

Session 3: Portrait of Sir Francis Drake (3)


Thank you to Olivia McInnes’ mum for some excellent resources. Please read through - the links are below with some recommended pages for you all. 


Pg14-16 is all about energy - a brilliant text! Pg 20-21 is an interesting read too. There’s some great maths on pg 22! Enjoy!

Monday 30.3.20

 I hope that you all had a nice weekend and are ready for another Joe Wicks work out this morning. You've all done brilliantly on IXL, answering 19, 509 questions! A very well done to you all! A special well done to Poppy Maule who answered 975 questions last week! Wow! I wonder if anyone else can achieve that this week? Please find resources below to help you with today's sessions. 

Session 3: Sir Francis Drake timeline

Session 3: Sir Francis Drake information

Friday 27.3.20

I hope that you've all enjoyed the sunshine and stayed safe during your first week at home. Below are some resources to help you through today's tasks. I will also put next week's time table on our page over the next few days. Remember to get stuck into a good audio book and enjoy lessons from the celebrities (links above). Just to keep you updated, Fire Class have answered 18, 757 questions on IXL! We're almost at 20,000 already! Keep it up everyone! 

Session 1: Charles Darwin information

Session 1: Charles Darwin different format

Session 1: Evolution and adaptation

Session 3: Dreamcatcher example from YouTube 

 Session 3: Dreamcatcher information

Session 3: Dreamcatcher example

Session 3: Dreamcatcher example 2

Session 3: Dreamcatcher example 3


Thursday 26.3.20

I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine and keeping safe at home. Just to let you know, Fire Class are doing amazingly well on IXL everyone. Together we have answered 17, 280 questions! Can we make it to 20, 000 before the end of the week?

Here are some things to help you through today's learning.

Session 2: Year 5 Power Maths answers

Session 2: Year 6 Power Maths answers

Session 3: How the heart works (dissecting a pig’s heart). You must watch this – it’s brilliant!

Session 3: Another video which we have already seen at school, but still useful.

Session 3: The human heart labelled diagram to help when working on yours

Wednesday 25.3.20

I hope that you've enjoyed any of your morning activities from the links above. Let me know how you're finding those in the comments page. If you've missed any previous sessions, I believe that you can still access them on their page. Below are some ideas and links to help you with today's learning. 

Session 1: Year 5 additional information about Howard Carter

Session 1: Year 6 additional information about Howard Carter

Session 1: Year 5 biography example

Session 1: Year 6 biography example

Once you have finished session 3, you could have a go at creating your own animal which could survive in an extreme environment. Click on the links below to help when researching about adaptation. 

Animals which live in Antarctica: 

Session 3: Year 5 and 6 animal adaptations to extreme environments

Session 3: Year 5 and 6 examples of how penguins have adapted

Session 3 extension: Year 5 and 6 create your own animal



Tuesday 24.3.20

If you're struggling with IXL, please don't panic. I can see if you need more guidance on this, and will be able to offer this to you. If you get a question wrong, remember to read the guidance underneath - it will help you before you have another attempt. 

Below are the answers to Session 2 (Power Maths) and some examples to help you through Session 3. 

Session 2: Year 5 Power Maths answers

Session 2: Year 6 Power Maths answers

Session 3: Discuss Reading to help

Session 3: Examples of posters

Session 3: Advertisements - if you would rather do a leaflet than a poster


Monday 23.3.20

If you're struggling with IXL, please don't panic. I can see if you need more guidance on this, and will be able to offer this to you.

Below are some examples to help you and answers to certain questions. Tomorrow, I will post the answers to the Power Maths. 

Session 1: Year 5 Biography examples and guidance

Session 1: Year 6 Biography examples and guidance

Session 3: Year 5 and 6 answers and guidance

Session 3: Year 5 Newspaper guidance - Year 5 level example

Session 3: Year 6 Newspaper guidance - Year 6 level example

Additional links for home learning:


  • A list of past SATs spellings is on our Fire Class page, along with Big Spells 1-24. How many do you know? How far can you get? Do you know what these words mean? Can you put some of them into sentences or find the definitions? If you are struggling with spelling rules, the following website link might help you: 


  • Times tables 2-12, square numbers/cube numbers (up to 12) and prime numbers (up to 71). Use the following link to help you:



Year 6 SATs papers (Year 5, you are also welcome to have a look and a go at the tests in the link below)

Song of the Week

Well done to Grace who wrote a news report about the floods and got to present it on Look North. Follow the link for an insight into her journey to the News Desk!


Mr Martin

Hello and a big welcome to our class page from all the children and staff in Year 5 and 6!

We are an incredibly hardworking class and enjoy each and every subject.  We value the contribution every person brings to our class, which makes it a happy place to learn and work.

Our Spring term topic is 'Is there anything left to explore?'


Year 6 will use their revision guides to help them work through their study books. Spellings, Maths or English homework is handed out each Friday. 


Reading Books

The children are responsible for taking their books home and bringing them to school every day. Children are also responsible for bringing their class book to school each day. This term our reading book is 'The Explorer'. 



Weekly spelling test every Friday.



Sessions are Wednesday and Thursday.



As requested by many parents at Parent's Evening, please download the file below for all grammar terms and definitions needed for Y6 SATs.


Below is a list of all the spellings ever asked in SATs tests and and a few spelling rules to help our Year 6 pupils prepare for their tests (click the download link at the bottom of the image to see the full list).


 If you would like to help your child at home, there are a few games below that may be useful

Below are all the big spell lists. Click on the download button to see the full list.